Slaughterhouses for poultry

In the next 4 minutes you will learn how to make a good profit with a small investment and become and stay successful. Semi-automatic line for the primary processing of poultry produced by “B.i P.” from Bukovac has capacity of approximately 250 chicken per hour and consists of two parts:

  • Steps at the first machine are: stunning, slaughter, scalding and feather removal.
  • On the second: the evisceration and washing.
T račva

T račva

8 chickens are attached to the first- rotational part. Chicken automatically go through the water where they’re stunned electronically. Chicken are halted above the blood collector where workers manually cut down the artery. In the next phase chickens are brought over to scalder, where they are automatically dropped down and scalded. Capacity of scalder is approximately 300 liters of water. Constant level of water is maintained in scalder, through the float, and constant temperature of water is maintained by probe and heater. After a preset plucking time, which is set by the technologist through time relay, chickens are automatically removed from scalder and they’re brought above feather remover. Chicken are dropped into feather remover with small movements. After a preset time, the feather remover stops. The technologist sets the plucking time at the time relay.  Chicks are manually transferred to the conveyor from the plucker. Conveyor is consists of metal construction with T-profile on which are moving the plastic wheels with semi-chrome balls. Wheel mounts are made of aluminum. Chicken hangers are also made of semi-chrome.

Čepovano čelično uže

Čepovano čelično uže fi 5/25

Conveyor can be hung from the wall or ceiling. Shape and length of the conveyor are made according to customer’s request. All equipment that is in contact with meat is made of stainless steel- pro-chrome that is approved for use in the food industry. Other parts are made of warm –zinced profiles. The whole process is managed from the command box. The box accommodates transformer station for change of stunning voltage, display for monitoring of scolding time, display for monitoring of feather removal time, and display for temperature of water. The technologist use the display to set the time and temperature parameters. This semi-automatic line for the primary processing of poultry, without packaging, requires 6 workers. The advantage of this line over the other is that it is very easy to manage. It only needs a small amount of energy for its operation, and the line itself requires a maximum of 20 kW. To get started, you only need to warm up 300 liters of water. This means that the starting line is very inexpensive, since it does not require a lot of multiple slaughterhouses of only double as big capacity. The equipment is domestic manufacture and under one year warranty extended by “B.i P.”. It includes quick and detailed servicing. Design, production process control, monitoring during operation as well as issuing of professional record of findings and results of the work equipment are provided by the Faculty of Technical Science and Institute for Food processing machinery and construction engineering in Novi Sad.

Pogonski točak

Pogonski točak

Manufacture and assembly of semi-automatic lines for the primary processing of poultry as well as assembly and quality assurance are provided to you by “B.i P.” company.

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